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8 tips on How to Get Out of a Reading Slump

Reading slump has to be one of the biggest nightmares for readers. Do you know what a reading slump is? Do you know that moment when you want to pick up a book but you simply have no strength to do so? Or when you try to read but you can’t concentrate, your feelings are everywhere and you just feel like reading isn’t IT and suddenly you are tired? That’s a reading slump.

I have been suffering these for a few years now which is not as uncommon as you might think. Ever since I have tried multiple things to get me back into the mood. I’m sharing them with you and don’t forget: Do NOT feel guilty for not reading.

Take a break

When we love to read, it’s hard to accept we need breaks. Spending some time without reading can help get out of the reading slump. Occupy your mind with other things such as tv shows (watch out because sometimes it makes it worse), music and things that give you pleasure like naps! DO NOT force yourself to read. Reading must be a good thing and forcing yourself can help you with the slump but also can make you dislike the books making it all worse. Don’t beat yourself up!

Leave your comfort zone

Something that helps me a lot is to read tropes or genres I never/rarely read. I was in a reading slump recently and tried manga for the first time. I now use it as an escape and to push me out of the reading slump. I also happen to like it. So it was a win-win for me: I found something new that helps me when I want to read and can’t.

Rereading can be a solution

I know many don’t like to reread but rereading your favourite books or at least your favourite scenes of your favourite books can help you to lift your mood and feel the excitement to read again.

Buddy Reading? YES!

Ask a friend to read a book with you. Choose a book that both of you want to read and share opinions, rants and reactions as you read. Don’t worry about the pace some people read faster than others. The enthusiasm for sharing your thoughts about the book will help you to get out of that slump.

Read your favourite author

Something I do is that I never read all works by authors I like. I usually keep some of them for the times I’m in a reading slump. Since they are authors I trust, I use their books as plan b to get the motivation to read if one of the other solutions fails.

Short can be good

Reading something like short stories or novellas are good because they are usually fast-paced or aren’t as deep as a full-length novel. You are going to feel accomplished for finally ending a story. This being, a lighter read can, without any doubt, help you.

Change the ambience

I always read in my bed but, I have noticed that if I change to a different division, have an instrumental song playing in the background and light a candle with a cinnamon scent relaxes me enough to engage in a book. Maybe try something different and see if works for you?

Set goals, take it slow

So, maybe you don’t want to wait, you want to try? Maybe you’re finally getting out of that reading slump and you just need a little push? Pick up a book, and set small daily goals. Example: read 10 pages a day or a chapter a day. Do it until you feel like you finally can increase the goal and you’re motivated. If you still aren’t? Stop or keep the goal even if it takes you longer than usual.

Blah, Blah, Blah books

Yes, it’s basic but works: talk about books! With your friends, have discussions with people in forums or on Goodreads. You can even talk to yourself. Writing is also an option, why not start a digital reading planner? It’s cheap to invest and you can type/draw and delete anything you want anytime. Write down your thoughts, or anything you would like to say about certain books. Discussions can spark the need to read, talking to yourself and writing is a healthy way to build motivation so don’t think it’s weird.

So, these are some of the tips I have to share with you and generally work with me. Do you have others? If so, share them with us in the comments.

Also, a reminder: just because it works for me, doesn’t mean it will work for you so don’t get frustrated if that’s the case. I truly hope it will help you, though.

See you next time!