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Traveling Around the World Through Books

If you’re like me, a dreamer who wants to travel the world but has no money, you’re also always looking for books set in different countries. The truth is that the majority of the books nowadays are set in the United States but there are always some gems to take you on a trip.

Some of these books are fully set in a country, others are only there for a few pages or chapters but give you a great imaginary travelling experience. Maybe you will find a new country to visit through them?

The Kingmaker by Kennedy Ryan

Set in the Netherlands, the book features a couple who meets and falls in love but breaks apart eventually. Politics is a heavy topic in this series, while this book also has enemies and second-chance tropes. (goodreads blurb)

Dirty Air series by Lauren Asher

The plots are built around the F1 world so you have the opportunity to travel around the globe with the main characters. In Throttled, the first book in the series, you will visit every country with a circuit and since Maya is a vlogger, you get the chance to meet a little of each. Meanwhile, Redeemed is set in Italy. The series features multiple tropes, from grumpy and sunshine to a teammate’s sister, a to-do list, forced proximity and many others. (goodreads blurb)

Nordic Royals by Karina Halle

Are you a lover of royal romance? Then this trilogy is for you. Each book is about a different couple and you visit three different Nordic countries on each: Sweden, Norway and Denmark. The stories are far from reality so expect many changes or unrealistic situations but they are entertaining with Nordic King being one of my favourite books. Friends-to-lovers, secret identity, a marriage of convenience, age gap and nanny are some of the tropes you will find in these books. (goodreads blurb)

Dollar series by Pepper Winters

This one is for dark romance lovers. I love to read Pepper Winters and her dark romances and the Dollar series is, without any doubt, my favourite by her so I had to mention it in this post. The location changes throughout the books because the couple lives on a yacht. Read the triggers and get ready to visit Morocco, France and others. (goodreads blurb)

Six of Hearts by L. H. Cosway

Set in Ireland, this slow-burn childhood friends and revenge book is full of magic and illusion. The male main character will trick you with his secretive persona and brain. (goodreads blurb)

Have you read any of these books? Let us know. If you loved this recommendation, don’t worry, I will be back again with more soon. Books always take us to magic places.