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This one was of my most anticipated reads of this month, and let me tell you, it didn’t disappoint. The story between Thalia and Alejo is one smoking hot rollercoaster of emotions, if that even makes sense. Also, I’ve always been a Madridista so it was really fun to read about the team and the little details.

Alejo Albarado is the hotshot star in the Real Madrid, he’s young, fun and is at the top of his career. But not everything was always this good, he had a rough childhood with a pretty tragic event that changed his life when he was just a kid, after that he had to work pretty hard to play in the first team of RM.

Thalia Blackwood is a forty year old woman that just went through a very ugly and public divorce, she not only lost her marriage but also her job as a sports therapist for a football team. After that, she gets an offer she can’t decline, so she decides to take a chance to work for the Real Madrid and have a fresh start far away from her old life.

The first time Alejo and Thalia meet there are sparks everywhere, I could feel their chemistry since the very beginning. Alejo, he not only is smoking hot but he is oh so sweet and self-assured, he is also a pretty determined person, since he laid eyes on Thalia he knew she was the one, so he tries to charm her every chance he gets. Thalia was pretty adamant to start a relationship with Alejo not only because the age difference but because they worked together and her job was on the line, but as they grow closer together, their friendship starts to change and the lines get blurred between them.

Their journey is full of obstacles, they both make sacrifices to keep their love alive without getting hurt, but at one point things change and they both have to go through hell and back to get their happily ever after and as they both helped each other heal from their painful pasts they showed us a story that is full of love and life lessons.