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The Best Romantic Comedy You’ve Never Heard Of

The Best Romantic Comedy You’ve Never Heard Of: The Friend Zone by Abby Gimenez

We all love a good romantic comedy. They’re the perfect escape from our day-to-day lives and they remind us that love is still out there, waiting for us. But what happens when you find a romantic comedy that’s even better than you could have imagined? The Friend Zone is the best romantic comedy you’ve never heard of.

What could be more romantic than two people brought together by a freak accident? Kristen Petersen is having a normal day when she has a run-in with a handsome stranger. Little does she know that this man will soon become the best man at her best friend’s wedding.

As Kristen and the stranger get to know each other, they develop a friendship that quickly turns into something more. But Kristen is hesitant to get too attached, knowing that she doesn’t want anything serious.

Throughout the story, we see Kristen struggle with her feelings for this guy as she starts to question her own femininity and worthiness of love regarding her issues with fertility -something that the author does an amazing job, I must say, showing us everything the character has to go through- This story is about second chances, acceptance, and learning to love yourself.ย 

What are you waiting for? Grab your copy and find out about this amazing story!