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I’ve been a fan of Rebecca Yarros writing for awhile now, every book of hers is packed with emotion, heartbreak and love. Great and Precious Things isn’t the exception, although I was expecting a lot more heartbreak (but I’m sure that’s just me being a masochist). This book is about love, but no just the romance type, but the love for family, for your people. It’s about fighting for the ones who can’t make their own choices anymore.

After six years working in the military and going to war, Cam decides to go home after he receives a call from his father. But going back to a town where isn’t wanted because of choices and mistakes he made as a teen isn’t as pleasant. The thing about Cam is that he doesn’t care what everyone else thinks, he just fights for what it’s right, even if he has to go against his own blood, like his brother. But he also has the biggest heart, no matter how much he doesn’t want to see it. When he goes back to his home town, he’s met with Willow, they’ve been friends since they were kids, not only that but they’ve pretty much loved each other for years, but after some mistakes and misunderstandings when they were teens they went they separate ways.

Willow was so untouchable that she didn’t even go on the untouchable list. She went on the unthinkable one.”

Willow is such a great character, she’s determined, speaks the truth and goes for what she wants without hesitation. She’s straight forward and isn’t afraid to speak her mind.

There is no me without you.”

There were times I really felt for Cam, specially when he had everything and everyone against him. But in the end he was the perfect hero. Overall the story was good and sometimes emotional and full of love, family, betrayal and healing.