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I don’t know how to write this without giving anything away, so I’m going to try my best.

My heart and soul are so full. I never thought we would get the final book in this trilogy in the near future, but not only we got a conclusion to an amazing story, but Jay outdid herself (again) with it and her outstanding writing style…she never ever ever disappoints.

The way the story took place, unfolded and connected to the previous books it’s just mind blowing and every question I was left unanswered for years has been answered, every piece of the puzzle just in the right place, all the twist and turns my mind couldn’t handle, the suspense, everything…MIND BLOWING. Also, the characters growth and evolution is so epic.

Every day, we rise.”

There’s a lot of things to take from this epic story, a story that’s not only about love, life and second and even third chances.
So, to say I would recommend this trilogy is the understatement of the year.