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“It’s been said the simple flutter of a butterfly’s wing can cause chaos halfway across the world. So, there is one simple difference, a difference which isn’t so small after all, and that difference is…life and death.“

This is not your typical love story, because even though love is very present, this is a story about redemption, acceptance and life itself. In a sense is about how to let go of the people you love that aren’t in this world anymore. About the demons that keep you hostage and a journey of self discovery.

I love when a book give me little hints of what I think it’s going to happen and then it takes an unexpected twist. That’s exactly what I thought with this book, I thought I had it figured out and then boom! One hell of a plot twist. The suspense, the roller coaster of emotions, everything, it was really refreshing, I hadn’t read a book like this in a while. It was like If I Stay meets Charlie St. Cloud.

“We’re here, but we’re not really here. Some events are a reflection of what is actually happening in the real world, while other times, it’s what we want to see.“

Victoria and Jude’s journey is one it’s worth reading, the way he helped her healed from her past, how he protected her from everything and the way their lives intertwined in a way no one could ever expect, it was amazing. Their love is so complex and yet so fierce that in the end no matter in what life they are, it will always win.

Monica James wrote a great story, a story that I’m sure belongs in a movie.

“An epic love story of two broken people who battled against all odds and found love…in this lifetime…and the next.”