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Without a doubt Addicted After All is my favorite Book in the addicted series. I’m just so proud of the growth of each character, (I know I still have three books left in the Calloway sisters series) but especially Lily and Lo, after everything they went through and how they overcame all their fears and addictions, the evolution through the years amazes me, how after all the obstacles and their own demons they became such a strong and fearless people.

In the very happiest moment of my life I learn three things: I am strong. I have powers. And my soul meets Loren Hale’s in every kiss. When the curtains on my universe close, he will still be with me. That, I’m sure of.”

Lily, my precious little thing, I love her so much, I am really proud of her, how she now can stand for herself and she fights every day to overcome her fears and anxiety, the way she’s now a strong woman.

Lo, seriously so proud of him, and yes I love him so much. How even though he relapsed in the past he stay strong not only for him, but for Lily and Moffy too.

Also, I have to say I started everything backwards. I first read the Like Us Series first, so to say I was excited to read about Moffy and Jane as babies was the understatement of the year, I’ve got to say those were my favorite scenes. Lo and Connor taking care of their children *goodbye ovaries*

Lily and I—we may have started our relationship as pretend. But for as long as I can remember, our love has always been real.”

I loved everything about this book. Every. Single. Little. Thing. And it was the perfect conclusion for Lily and Lo’s story, a story so beautiful and heartbreaking at times, but at the end everything turned out perfect. And even though it makes me a little sad to have been finished their story I cannot wait to read the others books I have left.