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8 Indie Authors to Check Out Immediately

I could honestly go on and on and on about the amazing authors I have met along my own author journey, but then we would be here all day, so I’ll narrow it down and keep it as short and sweet as I can!

In no particular order, because they’re all ✨ fabulous ✨

(1) Zavi James, author of Of Gods and Monsters

The first indie author I would like to introduce all of you too is my good friend Zavi James. I first came across Zavi when I requested her book Of Gods and Monsters on BookSirens. The friendship we had blossomed from there, and she’s become such a great friend to me (if you’re reading this Zav, I love you!). Now, besides the fact that she’s a literal angel, is her mind-blowing writing. When I first received the ARC of her book, I didn’t read it right away, which was a huge mistake. This book has become one of my favorites of all time. The writing is impeccable, the characters are loveable (and hateable). The world-building is fantastic, and she’s working on the second book as we speak. So there is A LOT of good things to come! I got some ACOTAR vibes from it, and anyone who knows me knows that I love ACOTAR. Please go run, and check this book out right now. Did I forget to mention it has to do with Greek Mythology? Win. Win. (P.S. Her book cover is courteous of the fabulous babes here at Books and Moods).

(2) Sarah M. Cradit, author of The Book of All Things Series

Second up, is another good friend of mine, Sarah M. Cradit. She is a long time indie author, with (I believe) over forty books published. All of them are indie published, so I give massive props to her for pumping out these books all on her own without traditional publishing. I think people underestimate the work that goes into publishing a book, especially if you self publish/indie publish it. I have learned a lot from Sarah, and she’s been fantastic to get advice from. I’ve also read several of her books, so don’t you worry, I know they’re good! I’ve been on her ARC team for the past three books, and had the ability to develop a close bond with not only Sarah, but her PA Emily as well. Her fantasy books are so well paced, the world building is fantastic, and the characters are so well developed. (I know I use the word fantastic a lot, but I can’t help it when it’s what all these babes are). Her newest release, The Altruist and the Assasian, comes out August 9th. (Psst, I have the ARC loaded on my kindle as we speak and I cannot wait to read it ?).

(3) Emma V.R. Noyes, author of The Sunken City Trilogy

Ahhhh! Another sweet lady I met through requesting her ARC on BookSirens. Emma writes a book that is a mix of Pirates of the Caribbean meets Atlantis the Lost Empire (one of my all time favorite movies). Believe me when I tell you she mixes them damn well. The romance situation in her book can also be compared to The Vampire Diaries, so really, why haven’t you read it yet? Her final book in the trilogy comes out in December, and honestly? I needed it on my shelf yesterday.

(4) Nicole Fiorina, author of the Stay with Me Trilogy

Nicole freaking Fiorina. You sweet angel of a woman, I love you immensely, and I will be sending this to you just so you can see it. I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Nicole at the Columbus Beyond the Reader Event, and she was one of the only authors I knew. I had seen her books on BookTok, and when I realized who she was I fangirled so hard. We even got a picture together! I got to get every book of hers signed, and embossed and I will cherish them forever. Her Stay with Me trilogy is a romance trilogy, and holy smokes it’s fantastic. The writing is so raw and real, and I cried in every single book. You never know what’s around the corner, and she writes it all so beautifully. Please go check it out, I beg of you. I am also here to tell you that I have been made aware her merch clothing is very soft and I cannot wait to get some so I can sleep in it forever ✨

(5) B.A. Lovejoy, author of the Alice: Pick a Card Series

B.A. Lovejoy is one of the first authors I found on BookSirens. Her book Alice in the Land of Clovers was one of the first book ARCs I ever read from the site as well. I love Alice in Wonderland so incredibly much, and it’s like the Lord knew I needed to stumble across this Alice in Wonderland with a twist. Oh my goodness ya’ll IT’S AMAZING. I have three of the books from the series on my shelf and I devoured the first book. It’s an adult version of Alice in Wonderland with a little bit of ✨spice✨. If you’re looking for a good retelling of Alice in Wonderland, go check it out ASAP! Also, shoutout to B.A. for all of her advice, and answering all of my questions. She answers my questions at the drop of a hat, and has given me so much knowledge in this journey.

(6) Rachel Serrin, author of Behold the Sins

I met Rachel on TikTok, and she was one of the first ARC teams I joined. Her book Behold the Sins revolves around the seven deadly sins, and a deadly game where the contender must go through each and every one. Her fantasy writing is SO GOOD. Not to mention her newsletters are hilarious, as well as her TikToks. Please go check her out, and her amazing, spunky personality as well as her fantastic book. The second book in the series comes out in December (and guess whose on her ARC team ?).

(7) S. Frasher, author of Daughter of Truth

S is my newest author friend and she lives incredibly close to me, which makes me so excited! She’s already helped me set up several potential book events, and I couldn’t have known about them without her! Thank you S for shooting me a message on Instagram and taking a chance on your fellow Ohio author! Please go check out S’s book Daughter of Truth, out now!

(8) Me! Author of Justice in Magic

Last, but certainly not least, I can’t pass up on talking about myself! (That sounds so conceded but I promise I’m not that self-absorbed ? just can’t miss out on some self promo, right?). My debut novel, Justice in Magic, comes out October 28th! It is now available for pre-order, and I cannot wait for all of you guys to check it out! Shoutout to Books and Moods for making my book cover for not only my first, but my second novel in the series coming out! (It’s not revealed yet hehe, but I can’t wait for ya’ll to see it!)