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Lakestone – Sarah Rivens

In the deceptive tranquility of the American town of Ewing, Iris, confined to the library, is immersed in her revisions. Miles away, a mercenary faces the bitter cold of the night, as icy as the corpse he’s just buried.
They have nothing in common, yet both have the same goal: to make enough money. Iris, to pay her university tuition fees; the mercenary, to complete his mission.
A mission in which she is the target.
From now on, her existence is linked to that of this man, a connection that awakens his curiosity and desire.
Torn from the life she’s always known, the young student finds herself at the mercy of the mercenary whose impulsiveness has forged his reputation, one who was shaped to kill…
The one they called Lakestone.

  • Author

    Sarah Rivens

  • Genre

    Dark Romance

  • Series

    Aprรจs Captive