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Who we are

We are three friends, Val, Mary and Julie.

Val and Mary are graphic designers, born and raised in Venezuela, now separated by distance but close by their passions: books and design. They went to college together, and when they aren’t working you can find them with their noses in a book. They started reading together around 2014 and since then they’ve been obsessing over amazing stories and book boyfriends. Their favorite tropes are dark romance, sport romance, military romance, enemies to lovers, thrillers and psychological (They probably have more but can’t remember). They're favorite authors are Tarryn Fisher, Colleen Hoover, Jay McLean and Penelope Douglas, there a lot more incredible authors that they really love, but those four hold a special space in their hearts.

In 2019 they decided to create a bookstagram so they could show their love for the books they liked. To this day they have made so many good friends in the book community, they get to talk to their favorite authors and show them some love.

Julie, our PR Specialist, is from Argentina. Currently studying Publicity and Marketing, she enjoys running and reading in her free time while mastering her multitasking skills.

She loves traveling to big cities because of the freedom it provides, getting to know people, and making new friends.

She discovered the world of bookstagram romance in 2019, where she met a lot of people who she can now call friends. She found Mary and Val and that was it.

She’s a sucker for mafia books, sports romances, and HEAs. You won’t find her ever saying no to reading about alpha heroes and the badass, headstrong, and fierless heroines who know what they want.Although she has a lot of authors she loves to read, her favs are JK Rowling, Parker S. Huntington, Penelope Douglas and Viviana Rivero.

How we work

At Books and Moods, we work collaboratively as a team to bring our authors to the next level. With our custom packages, innovative designs, and dedicated public relations assistance, we are able to individually tailor our services to meet the needs of each author.